I fight for justice, and not in a protracted sense. My life, education, work experience, and skills come from a deep passion for equal justice under the law that was embedded in me at a young age through a myriad of circumstances – namely growing up learning unionism firsthand at the dinner table. I am the 5th generation of unionists in my family, and I take very seriously our familial commitment of serving our Sisters and Brothers. Formally trained in Kingian Nonviolence by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, I had the pleasure of coordinating the 50th Anniversary of the Selma Jubilee and Bridge Crossing for President Obama.

Aaron with Bullhorn

The Bullhorn is a necessary tool to creating broad social change
As a union representative, I have built a career organizing and standing up to Presidential Administrations, public agencies, private corporations, and others, through representing workers by way of grievances, EEOC complaints, wage and hour disputes, safety investigations, and at the bargaining table. From winning the largest ever single certification union election in the history of the public sector, to pioneering organizing strategies based on the language of the law and subsequent rulings, I know firsthand what it means to represent others and myself professionally, diligently, competently, and effectively.
I also pioneered the idea of “earned media submersion,” and other effective tactics of creating change in local communities—and in the workplace. I have won more certification battles for workers than one could “shake a stick at.” In addition, I have had the fun of acting in a few films, and have been featured in numerous Progressive outlets, along with traditional regional print publications.
By day I work as a Contract Coordinator in the Labor Movement. I’m also a published writer and author defending the Labor movement in academia, print journalism, and on a number of online blogs, in addition to being a lifelong Organizer that has served on various campaigns spanning the Labor movement. With an extensive background as a former volunteer consultant on federal, state, and local elections, I have been able to develop positive partnerships with key stakeholders for a variety of causes.
On top of being a voracious public school advocate, I serve on various boards in differing capacities within the Civil Rights and Labor movements, and am heavily involved in other community efforts. Having served a term as an Executive Committee member and the Membership Officer for Rhode Island MENSA, I enjoy the camaraderie of the members of RIM, as well as many other organizations. An active member of the recovery community, I am always available to speak with those who wish to be connected with resources to overcome substance abuse. 

To me, the law is not merely a set of black and white letters, but a living, growing, and vital instrument, upon which our democracy depends.

jeremy and aaron

Myself and lifelong friend and National Civil Rights Officer the Honorable Jeremy D. Ponds, as we led a nonviolent peaceful demonstration for #BLM
When I first went to law school, I was fortunate to be able to instantly connect with the local Labor movement in New England through prior relationships. If I’m not at the bargaining table, chances are you can find me somewhere holding a strike line. 

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