Publishing and Media Mentions

With a track record of extensive organizing, I’m starting to compile all of my media mentions, press coverage, and published literature in no particular order. I will, at some point, come back and chronologically list these.

[1] Wazlavek, Thomas D. Aaron, Defending Exclusive Representation: Tyranny of the Minority in the Workplace for Educators Poses Special Risks to Charter School Teachers (July 24, 2020). Available at SSRN:

[2] The Southern Liberal Resurgence That Has the GOP Scared

[3] Viewpoint rebuttal: Unions are the solution

[4] Viewpoint: Escambia to consider cat ordinance

[5] Regional labor federation hires first executive director

[6] Walton County replaces Confederate Battle flag

[7] At Wednesday Tampa Event, Florida Rep. Heller, Tampa Councilwoman Miller to Sign Statement Supporting TSA Bargaining Rights and TSA Union’s Efforts at the Agency (LexisNexis Sign In Required)

[8] Contractor killed on Eglin to be honored Saturday (LexisNexis Sign In Required)

[9] Stuck in the system: Woman spends 2 years in ‘vicious cycle’ between mental hospital, jail (LexisNexis Sign In Required)

[10] DNC’s ‘listening tour’ storms into Bay (LexisNexis Sign In Required)

[11] Selma Jubilee Youth Summit Turns Up Issues Facing NextGen Leaders

[12] (ABSTRACT ONLY) Wazlavek, Thomas D. Aaron, The Pond Separates Cultures but Not Values: A Comparative Look at the French Codification of Right to Withdrawal of Labor and the American Concept of At-Will Employment. 33 Fla. J. Int’l L __ (forthcoming 2021), Available at SSRN: