Welcome to my site! I’ve owned this domain since 1998, with a brief interlude by a random Aussie when domain space started costing money. Recently, I’ve structured it to be a blog in my personal capacity for my thoughts and information I want to post in a more static way than that of social media. 

While I am a recently licensed Attorney within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (BBO #709809), I am not currently offering legal services, providing legal advice, nor am I seeking clients; outside of limited scenarios relating to Civil Rights. This website is not meant to be a legal advertisement.

If you need legal advice for a legal issue, please contact a licensed Attorney within your state, or simply contact your state bar organization for a referral. The American Bar Association also offers a referral directory. Nothing on this website is meant to offer or provide legal advice or guidance, nor is it intended for it to be relied on as legal advice or guidance. Further, nothing herein is meant to construe any sort of legal relationship between you, the reader, and myself.

Every day, people come to this page for a variety of reasons to learn more about me, many with great intentions and some with ill intentions. I welcome folks generally to learn about my background. If you’re here to gather information on me as an individual, as many low road companies and others that I deal with daily try to do in an effort to source oppositional research, you’ve simply come to the wrong place. I created this website as a way to help in advocating for workers and our causes in the working class. This website stores and logs the IP addresses of those who access it, amongst other methods of information security that are compliant with GDPR, best practices, etcetera. In essence, it gives me a rather convenient way to introduce that information within the context of civil or criminal proceedings if needed. Congratulations if you’re one of the rare folks this applies to. Might I suggest perusing this book by Daniel J. Solove if you’re suddenly realizing you made a big oof. I place an emphasis on my personal privacy, along with the safety and security of those around me, and strongly caution all to do the same.